Monday, April 2, 2007

Day three - things are looking up

I left for work this morning without even looking at it. Well, I did look to see that the previous night's transfer had finished. It had.

Anyway, went to work and on the way home got a crossover cable. If it was my D-link I was about to find out. I plugged in the switch, moved the PC and My Book World II to it and connected it to the D-Link via a crossover. I was actually able to do this without any real burp. Both machines handled the move without issue.

Now, I open K: and C: and copy a file and .... still slow as the 7 day itch. No improvement at all. I am about to cry.

I have the Mionet manager open and for some reason, I wish I knew why, I decided to double-click on the MyBookWorld line and it opened a new window. It was a Windows share! The UNC was there with an IP address. I compare it with "K:" and they clearly point to the same place. "K:" shows more files (I think they are cached and not moved yet) but I can read and write to the new window. I decide to move another 8GB and it goes flawlessly and MUCH faster!! I am smiling again!

I open the task manager and I see it is not using the full 100Mbits bandwidth. Don't know why. There is a very clear ceiling at about 35%. This tells me that my 1GB switch that is due this week will probably be twiddling its bits for the most part. Bummer.

Anyway, I am copying about 120GB of data to it. I expect it to take a while but at least it is working. I will let you know more as I continue to blaze a trail here.

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