Monday, April 2, 2007

Comments on the unit itself

As I searched for other's comments I read a number of comments on the unit itself, having nothing to do with the technology. I suppose I should share an opinion though it is only that.

I am not unpleased with the appearance. It is actually quite plain and unobtrusive. The big button in the middle of the front looks more decorative than functional. The blue light surrounding the button is soft and not very distracting. Again it looks decorative yet has a function. Good visual design.

Others have complained about noise. I am sitting next to a PC that is making so much fan noise that I can not hear the My Book World II. I suspect it is making noise but if it is it is not terrible. I am not a good judge of this though as I am not disturbed overly much by white noise.

The case itself appears sturdy. There is only a minor vibration that you can feel if you actually lay your hand on it.

When registering it I had to read the serial number. That is my only complaint. I have 50 year old eyes and even with a magnifying glass I had a lot of trouble getting it.

All in all I give it an A+ on design.

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