Monday, April 2, 2007

First day using the device

Ok, it is hooked up, I am logged in and I can see a new K: drive in "My Computer". I am beginning to think this is going to work.

I bought this drive because I was running out of space on my local drives. I have two 160GB drives in my computer and both are pretty close to full. Drive C has a little over a gig free and the other disk has about 30Gb free.

What is the natural thing to do next? Well, seems we should copy some data to the disk. I open K:\ and I see it already has a folder on it called "PUBLIC". I want a folder with a name of my own choosing so I create a folder named "Video". It works, I smile.

I now open "My Video" on my "C:" drive and attempt to move about 8GB worth of video to the new folder on the My Book World II. I see the "Moving" dialog appear and it starts moving the data. It does not get far though. I get a bogus error indicating that the Network Resource is no longer available. I say "bogus" because I later learn that copying files to "K:" copies them first to disk and then a background process actually copies them to the World Book. I was filling up C:. I was going to have to copy theses files one at a time. This was going to take forever.

I decided to move the files to the second local drive to free us some space on C: so maybe I could copy some more. This sorta helped. I could copy some more files but even with lots of space now, I kept having "networking" errors. Seems the "K:" drive is just plain flaky.

One of the things you can do is watch it move the data to the My Book World II by opening the Mionet Manager and View File Transfer Details. I did this and it looks like it can only really process 8 files at a time. And it is slow. I am not talking "Aww, gee this is not as fast as I want" I am talking really slow.

I start to blame my network. I am using an old D-Link wireless router. Both the computer and the My Book World II are hardwired so I think it should work. I decide to segregate the network. I purchase a 1GB switch online. It should get here in a few days. I have a 100Mbit switch but no crossover cable. I will pick one up in the morning. I go to bed. It is late.


Kerem said...

so, what is the outcome? I has the switch worked? The actual question is was it your modem slowing down the move? I have a new wireless modem and i am very dissapointed with how slow my book world is. I wonder if there is a way to directly connect it to my computer?

poet_imp said...

Take a look at the whole blog:

I have a lot of information on transfer rates. I too am very disappointed.

There does not appear to be any way to directly connect the WBII directly to your computer. It is network connected only. Even if you did connect it directly, via a crossover cable to your Ethernet card, it would not transfer any faster.