Monday, April 2, 2007


Installation looks pretty easy:
  1. Connect to network router
  2. Plug it in and wait 3 minutes
  3. Install Mionet software
  4. Create Mionet account (Huh? What is this?)
  5. Reboot (This is Windows so this is inevitable)
  6. Login (Huh? login?)
  7. Enjoy
It was almost that simple. The instructions said that the account creation wizard was supposed to start at the end of the Mionet install. It did not. Rebooting did cause it to initiate the wizard so that was not too bad.

Now, let me talk just a minute about Mionet. I have no use for it but I have it and I have to have it to make it work. It is software that allows you to share the contents of your disks securely across the internet. It also allows for desktop remote control. I don't care to do either of these things. All I really wanted was for the drive to be available on my local network.

There is another downside here. I have to be logged in at all times because the Mionet client must be running and I must be logged into it. I am not absolutely sure of this yet but so far this has been the case. Remember, This is still day one with the box and I am still on the learning curve.

I am bummed but moving ahead.

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