Monday, April 2, 2007

The purchase

I searched the internet for a large capacity disk system. I was not too particular and this turned out to be a bit of a problem. I wish, now I had paid a little more attention to what I was getting. I would probably not have purchased this system. I have it now, though, so I want to make it work.

I bought the box from Best Buy online. Looking at their site and "comparing" the various systems this one looked like what I was wanting. The My Book World II has both a network and a USB 2.0 connection. My thought was "Cool, I can either hook it up to my network and share it like a NAS or I could attach it to my server via USB and use Windows to share it."

I brought the box home and opened it. I actually read the manual that came with it. Not too tough, it is only 6 pages long and 80% of that is pictures. No technical detail at all. I did find a more extensive manual on the CD. It had a little more detail but not much.

I was able to learn, though, that the Best Buy site simply did not have enough information to really make a comparison. It comes with something called "Mionet"which I had never heard of (more on this later). Turns out the USB is for adding more storage. It can not be used to connect to a PC. That was VERY disappointing. OK, I think to myself, I will just set it up as a NAS. That will work for me.

Anyway, at this point I am $460 dollars lighter in the wallet and I have 1TB of storage at home and unwrapped. It is time to install it.

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